Wholesale Vintage Stock For Your Vintage Shop

Wholesale Vintage Stock
 Looking for wholesale vintage shop for your vintage shop?

Need to source good quality lots of pieces that have been individually selected, checked and passed for saleability?

Look no further!

Fab Fings is a UK based small business that can supply other small businesses and offer a one-to-one service to assist vintage shop owners.

Wholesale Vintage Stock

This service is perfect for small independent vintage and pre-loved boutiques where a trickle of stock that is easy to sell is preferred to a tonne of unappealing stock that might never sell. This service was started by a former vintage shop owner and therefore your needs are well known....you want nice things in good condition at reasonable prices that leave room for a good profit.

If you're looking for vintage housewares, click WHOLESALE.

For special requests for certain items or to talk to Fab Fings to establish a business connection, please get in touch via email HERE and we will phone you back. Alternatively, you can call us on 01568 612 841 during office hours but please be aware this phone isn't always manned.