Fab Fings gift vouchers...

1. save you time searching for the right gift.

2. ensure your loved one ends up with something they love.

3. is an eco-friendly solution to gift-giving.

4. can provide a last-minute solution if you forget someone's special day.


or just to cheer someone up!

Gift vouchers are available from £10 upwards. Valid for one year. See details below. 

We will post the gift voucher code to whoever you like inside a greeting card with your preferred message.

Alternatively, we can send you the code via email (or on social media) for you to write in your own card. This is a very good option in an emergency.

To proceed, make your order via Paypal and we will contact you via email to organise the rest according to your requirements. We will see your email address when we receive your order.

Choose the value of the gift voucher...

Or email Fab Fings now to see how we can meet your needs.

Please note, we will endeavour to put the gift card in the post within two days of receipt, but usually the same day. Please order four days prior to the special day to avoid disappointment.

Gift vouchers to be sent abroad need to be ordered two weeks in advance to ensure they arrive with plenty of time, although sending the code via email or social media is recommended.

The value of Fab Fings gift vouchers is in the code and not the card so don't worry if it gets lost in the post. We can issue the code again to the purchaser should you lose it.

Gift vouchers will have a one year time limit set from the date of issue to avoid them being left forgotten and discovered decades later. The expiry date will be clearly stated on the voucher.

Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. However, items purchased using gift vouchers are covered with the same return policy as items purchased with cash. Please see below terms.

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