Antique Glass Wine Carafe - 61

Antique Glass Wine Carafe
If you've never used an antique glass wine carafe before then we highly recommend you buy one as they make eating dinner at a table even more special. It's so much nicer than to have a tall wine bottle on show, blocking your view of other people and potentially getting knocked over. Carafes have big flat bottoms of thick and heavy glass so are almost impossible to knock over. You can also see the colour of the wine more clearly and you can measure out the amount you want to drink during dinner. Also, a carafe, being open, allows the wine to breath, which enhances the flavour. They are also good pourers. This carafe is 17cm in height and made of very thick glass, weighing almost 900g, so its very robust. It's lasted for about 150 years so it can obviously sustain the odd bang without smashing. It has a ground down pontil mark with lots of age-scratches on the base, which is a good thing....this thing has been used a lot! It has some fogging inside but, again, this just means it's been used and has a lot of stories to tell.

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