GIFT BUNDLES:- Unique Gifts - vintage, antique, handmade, pre-loved, recycled, etc...

GIFT BUNDLES: Unique gifts, vintage, antique, handmade...

'Gift Bundles' by Fab Fings are small unique bundles of gifts, all being antique, vintage, pre-loved, recycled, handmade and deadstock. They are the answer to your problems if you're searching for something different that won't break the bank. We guarantee that no two Gift Bundles will ever be the same. It would be impossible! We trawl antique centres, vintage shops, flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops to source the items, one by one. It's a lot of work but we find some nice things and we love nothing more than to group them up into coordinating lots, gift-wrap the items individually and know that someone out there is going to be thrilled with their collection of little gifts.

We source beautiful, interesting, fun and practical pieces that are mostly traditional, romantic and timeless. No cheap plastic rubbish from China from Fab Fings! We prefer good quality materials, such as cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, wood, gemstones, silver, pottery, Murano glass, brass, copper, etc. We match them up according to their colours and style and try to offer Gift Bundles to suit a range of budgets. If you are looking for special gifts for your wife or girlfriend, or if you want to add a handful of small gifts to go along with something more substantial, there's probably a Gift Bundle for you.

We make sure everything is fit to give as a gift and we check everything is clean, shiny and smelling nice. We wouldn't want you to be embarrassed or for the recipient to be disappointed. We aim to please! Once we're sure everything is ready to go, we list the Gift Bundle in the 'Gift Bundles' department of Fab Fings and wait for it to sell. Once it's sold, we then find out if there are any special requirements, such as birthday or Christmas. This is important as we also send along a blank greeting card and envelope. If we don't hear anything, we send a standard card.

To be absolutely sure the lucky recipient is happy with their Gift Bundle, we always include a small surprise gift. Sometimes the Gift Bundle will be sent in a gift box but usually the individual gifts will be put into a cardboard box for posting. The photos and descriptions of each Gift Bundle will show what to expect.

GIFT BUNDLES: Unique gifts, vintage, antique, handmade...

Gift Bundles offer a completely unique approach to hunting for gifts that take all the leg work out of hunting high and low for special little things, wrap everything up for you and even include a card. And, as Fab Fings is run by women, we know what most women like....something pretty, romantic, unique, thoughtful and something that compliments their style.

Not only is buying Gift Bundles good for busy people it's also good for the planet as it helps reduce waste and it also helps finance individuals, small independent retailers and market stall holders, putting cash into the hands of the little people and not into big business.

Soon, we will be listing Gift Bundles for men and children, so keep a close eye on the shop as they will get snapped up quickly!


Or, if you're just looking for individual gifts, you will find lots of beautiful antique, vintage and pre-owned pieces at Fab Fings.

And, if you can't choose or you want to leave the choice up for your loved ones, or you forgot someone's birthday and need to organise a gift ASAP, maybe a Fab Fings gift voucher is the answer.

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