Large Antique French Normandy 2tr Pub Wine Carafe - 231

Large Robust Antique French Normandy 2tr Pub Wine Carafe

This is a large robust antique wine carafe from, we believe Normady in France. It's from around the Georgian era and has the scratches and nibbles to prove it. The base has a ground down pontil mark with lots of age-related scratches and the fluting is nibbled all over the edges. These signs of wear add to the appeal of this magnificent piece, which was probably bashed about in a pub, on pub tables, etc. It has a purple hew due to two centuries of holding red wine. It has a heavy bottom to aid in stability around drunk people, the glass is thick to protect it from knocks and the rim ensures it won't drop through a wet hand when being carried. It's very heavy, weighing 1100g and measures 28cm by 11cm. Although it has lots of appealing signs of age, each nibble having a story to tell, it has no unappealing damage, such as chips or cracks. This carafe just needs some red wine and to be slammed down onto an old wooden table hosting an al fesco dinner party. That's what it was made for. It's a very practical piece of history and is begging to be used not locked away in a display cabinet. It's perfect for a dinner party as you can fill it up with two bottles of wine that can breath as you enjoy yourself.

If there is no option to buy this item then it is because it is now sold.

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