Fab Fings Friday - Brexit Special

It's Fab Fings Friday again and this week has got to be a Brexit special given today is Brexit day!

What better day could there be to showcase and celebrate British made goods? Sadly, a lot of great British manufacturing and craftsmanship is long gone but I always like to think everything goes full circle: we may have a comeback!

The first fab item for #FabFingsFriday is this little antique silver plated coffee pot above. In its day, this beautifully designed item would have set you back a pretty penny. Now, however, you can enjoy this fine English craftsmanship for a fraction of the original price. See it HERE

Another Fab Fing for Brexit day is this sensational vintage kelly bag by MacLaren of Norwich, England. It's made of patent copper coloured leather and lined in suede. It's in immaculate condition too! Again, this bag would have cost a fortune when new but, today, it's no more expensive than the average High Street leather bag. Where is the sense in that? See the bag HERE.

Our final Fab Fing is this gorgeous Caithness perfume bottle, made in Scotland. It's in lovely condition and is a great example of glow blowing, once a very common craft throughout Britain. See it HERE

Congratulations to Britain for being brave enough to leave the Behemoth EU and go it alone. Hopefully we will remember what we're capable of and cast off the negativity that has held us back. We are a creative, inventive, resourceful and resilient people. Let us not forget!