Antique Oil Lamps

This Fab Fings blog post is going to catalogue all the beautiful antique oil lamps that pass through the shop. It seems such a shame to delete their photos, never to be seen again!

Antique oil lamps are very fashionable right now, given the increasing interest in traditional Victorian style interiors. Also, as they don't require electricity, they appeal to the growing 'off-grid' community all over the world.

Antique Victorian Art Nouveau Yellow Oil Lamp

This antique Art Nouveau oil lamp was a very tall brass lamp with an acid yellow glass font. It was lacking it's shade and had a hairline crack to the font, although it still held oil.


The antique oil lamp above was a very pretty early Victorian lamp with a large pink acid etched shade, decorative gun metal (?) column and base, duplex wick turner (Hinks No 2), double wick with two wicks all working well and a chimney. It was 45cm tall and the base was felt covered underneath and possibly lead weighted as the lamp was extremely heavy, which made it less likely to be knocked over. The cut glass font has a very pretty and delicate floral design. This lamp was snapped up pretty quickly!


Above is a tall and beautiful antique Victorian oil lamp. It boasts an acid yellow hand-painted font, a black lacquered pottery base, ornate brass column, acid etched white shade and chimney. All in excellent condition with no cracks or chips. It stands 59cm tall to the top of the chimney. Duplux wick with two turners. One wick is present. Made in England. This antique oil lamp ticks all the boxes and is still for sale! Click HERE for more photos and to buy.