Fab Fings Friday
Round Interiors Trend

It's Fab Fings Friday again and we've decided to showcase our Fab 'round' Fings, seeing as curvy and round decor items are really big in cutting edge interior design. Now, we're not suggesting buying items from Fab Fings will give you a cutting edge home but it is nice to know that you can achieve a glimmer of the latest looks without buying extremely expensive furniture and accessories. Maybe creating the look using antique and vintage items would create a more interesting look anyway.

Above is an Art Deco pottery vase, made in England and in lovely condition. It has the Odeon styling on the sides and the globe form means it's bang on trend. To see more photos or to buy, go HERE.

Above is a vintage 50s retro leather footstool. These geometric designed footstools and poufs are all the rage right now and as they are usually round in shape they are sure to stay in vogue for a while yet. A lot of these footstools and poufs are made of vinyl or thin brown leather but this one is made of thick hide leather, so it's much more robust. See the photos and buy it HERE.

The embroidery sample above is so beautiful and ticks so many boxes. It's obviously round so that is a plus but the colours are also in keeping with current trends in interiors. Vibrant greens, blue and purples are very fashionable as they hark back to retro styling. Handicrafts are also making a bit comeback as people re-learn the pleasure of traditional handiwork. The flowers are also very interestingly stylised, making this round piece of wall art a real gem. Go HERE to see more photos.

They may have been mocked and derided for half a century but doilies are back! It's always the same: the things we love to hate the most can, suddenly, have a change of image and everyone wants them. And what better way to cover an ugly round side table than cover it with a large hand crocheted antique doily? Given house plants are also set to continue to be very fashionable in 2020, doilies are also very practical. See more photos and buy this doily HERE.

Saving the very best of our Fab round Fings, here is the mother of all round wall art! This monster of an antique brass wall plaque is the perfect example of something that is, we believe, about to come bursting back into interior design fashion, having been shunned for so long. The reason we feel having something so old fashioned hanging on your wall is because people are increasingly yearning for previous times when life was more simple, people were more easily pleased and socialising didn't involve staring at gadgets. This antique brass wall plaque is a big twos-up to modernity and the amazing patina and filigree are big bonuses. Go HERE to see more photos, read more about it and buy it.