Coloured Vintage Bathroom Suites

Coloured vintage bathroom suites are back in fashion! After decades of being the laughing stock, coloured sinks, baths and toilets are hot property in interior design, especially if the suite is mismatched and vintage. Here are some of the best examples Fab Fings could find with a few new sinks and a few kitchen sinks thrown in for good measure!

Pink against green is a good colour mix as they are almost opposite on the colour wheel. This means that not only do they compliment each other well being 'complimentary colours', together they will reduce eye strain.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Why rip out a coloured bathroom suit when they can look so good just by updating the tiling?

These vintage coloured bathroom sinks would cost a fortune to buy new, so whatever you do don't throw one in a tip!

This is a new coloured Belfast sink and probably cost a bomb, but what a splash of colour!

The vintage 1920s coloured kitchen sink above is very highly sought after and mostly found in the US.

What better to start your day off that a splash of water and a splash of yellow?

Source: Remodelista

The design of vintage sinks is often far superior to new sinks with extra detailing and beautiful glazes.

Another 1920s kitchen sink that must make washing up a pleasure. 

Source: SF Girl

A mismatched vintage bathroom suite with the splash of colour being the sink. 

What a pretty pink vintage sink this is? Good enough to eat!

Look at the wonderful decor design on this gorgeous green vintage sink!

A new sink above but a lovely idea.


A subdued colour pallet above just needed a bit of peach to finish it off. 

Quite a lot going on in the vintage bathroom above but, stand back and it works.

Source: Zillow

One good thing about vintage sinks is the fact they are usually big. 

Source: Vogue

The coloured vanity sink above from Vogue has been fitted to an antique wooden table.


The curves of the mirror above are reflected in the curves in the sink and the tap.

Source: Tatler

The pink sink above is made even more feminine by the gold bird tap. And why not?

The green vintage sink above has the most beautiful aged glaze you could almost swim in it!

If you love coloured vintage bathroom suites you will love Fab Fings as it's full of colourful vintage pieces!