Vintage Studio Pottery Identification Catalogue With Marks


Catalogue of vintage and more recent studio pottery photos and, where possible, identification and maker's marks. Examples added as and when they are sourced for sale at Fab Fings. If you can add any missing information to any of the pieces then please do leave a comment. 

The piece of studio pottery above is a stoneware bowl by Taize of Burgandy of France, set up by Daniel de Montmollin and run by monks. Beautiful piece with interesting glazed. 17cm diameter and 5cm tall.

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The studio pottery piece above is a Rachel Padley signed bowl. Graphite grey glaze and sea green drip glaze. Beautiful and rare bowl by this acclaimed English artist and in mint condition. 17.5cm diameter and 5.5cm tall. This piece is number '01' so it was the first of its kind.

This lovely pink stoneware studio pottery vase is signed 'H.O.' but, alas, the maker has not been identified. If you can identify the maker, please send me a message HERE.

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The large porcelain vase above is by Bridget Drakeford, the English studio potter of Hereford.

The large stoneware plate above was made by Diana Worthy of Crich Pottery.

The beautiful globe mug above was made by John Vasey of St Agnes Pottery in Cornwall. 

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