Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, you have the legal right to return it to Fab Fings.

However, you must inform Fab Fings via email within fourteen days of its arrival.

You will then be given a return address.

You must then return the item to Fab Fings within another fourteen days.

On receipt of the item, Fab Fings will have fourteen days to issue a refund.

Please ensure items are returned 'signed for' if returning them to Fab Fings.

Fab Fings endeavours to use photos that represent true colours, point out any defects and generally aim to please rather than disappoint. For us, the sale is only over when we know you're delighted. Please do, however, bare in mind that Fab Fings stocks mostly used goods and therefore some wear should be expected. However, if we say something is in perfect condition then it will be without signs of wear and tear. If we say 'good vintage condition' then that means the item is in good condition but on close inspection will show some signs of wear.